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Free Range Chicken Farm

About Us

Circle H General Store, formerly Thomas Brothers Hardware & Feed, has been a staple in the Cleveland community for over 50 years. This family owned business was originated by the Thomas family in the 1950's and remained under their ownership until the 1990's. In 1992, independent businessman, James Thigpen purchased the store from the Thomas brothers. Mr. Thigpen's tenure lasted until 2003, at which time he sold all interest to the Howell family. The Howell family have been fixtures in the Cleveland community since the early 1960's. As it stands today, three generations have grown up in Cleveland and graduated from the very high school. Their ownership at Circle H is still going strong to this very day. In fact, on any given day if stop by Circle H, you just might see all three generations represented at the store. Bobby, his son Robert, and Robert's son Bryce are the backbone of the business today. The store today has become somewhat of a feed superstore and ag supply. They boast 9 lines of livestock and farm feed, an additional 6 pet food lines, a lawn & garden center, an animal healthcare department, and some general purpose hardware. Within that hardware, they boast one of the better fastener departments in town. Circle H General Store has a knowledgeable and courteous staff ready to serve you. Please make it a point to come by and see us at Circle H. We will be glad that you did.

Special orders are always welcome! Look no further!