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Horse Feeds

M-G Logo

M-G Feed

M-G 12-8 Super Horse 

M-G 14-6 Super Horse 

M-G 12-12 Extreme Super horse

M-G 12-5 Trail Ride 

M-G Stockman Horse pellet 

Rice Bran 

Rice Bran Pellets 

M-G Sweet 10% All Stock

Lone Star Feed

Horse Feed 

Lone star 12-5 Hi-Fat 

Lone star All Stock 

Lone star Sweet Treat 

Lone star 12-8 

Lone star Multi Grain Dry Mix 

Lone star Track Star 2 

Lone star Track Star with beet pulp 

Lone star Infinity senior 

Lone star infinity

Thomas Moore Feed Logo

Thomas Moore  Feed

Horse Feed 

Moore 12-8 Horse Pellet 

Moore 12-8 Ultimate Grain Mix 

Moore 14-10 Horse Pellet 

Moore AlfAlfa Pellets

Bluebonnet Feed

Bluebonnet Horse Feed 

Intensify Omega Force 

Intensify Senior Therapy 

Equilene Pelleted 

Horseman’s Elite Ultra Fat Horse Pellet 

Horseman’s Elite Performance Race Track Textured 

Horseman’s Elite Senior Care 

Horseman’s Elite Mare and Foal pellet

Bluebonnet Feed
Purina Logo

Purina Mills Feed

Purina Horse Feed 

Impact 12% Textured Horse Feed 

Impact 12% pelleted Horse Feed 

Impact 14% Textured Horse Feed 


Strategy Healthy Edge 

Equine Senior 

Equine Senior Active 

Omolene Line 

Amplify Horse Supplement 

Outlast Horse Pellet