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Wildlife and Small Pet Feeds

Purina Logo

Purina Mills Feed

Game Fish Chow 32% 

Antlermax Deer Breeder 17% Pellet

Lyssy & Eckel Feed

20% Deer protein pellets 

17% Wheeler Deer protein pellets

Lyssy & Eckel Feeds Logo
Circle H Logo



Boyce Grains 

Triple Re-cleaned whole corn 

Persimmon Scented Corn 

Apple Scented Corn 


Lime And Salt Products 

50 LB Trace Mineral Block 

50LB White Salt Block 

50 LB Sulfur Salt Block 

50 LB Stock Salt 

50 LB Dehydrated White Powdered Lime 

40 LB Pelletized Garden Lime 

40 LB Gypsum 



50 LB 13-13-13 

50 LB 12-14-12

50 LB 21-0-0 

50 LB 33-0-0 


Extotic Bird And Wildlife Feed 

50LB Grains Plus Parrot 

50LB Grains Plus Parakeet 

50LB Grains Plus Cockatiel

30LB Grains Plus Canary 

50LB BirdLife Wild Bird Seed 

25LB Birdlife Wild Bird Seed 

50LB Black Oil Sunflower Seed 

50LB Stripe Sunflower Seed

40LB Birds Of The Feather Wild Bird Seed 


Fish Food

50LB 32% Sure Catch Catfish Floating Food